Ever since I've watched Deathnote the movie which starred Japanese actors Tatsuya Fujiwara and Kenichi Matsuyama, I became an instant fan. I love how all the characters in the movie were given highlights and they are all significant to the story-line.

The intelligence of the two lead roles are just AWESOME!!!

If you don't have any idea about what I'm talking about, well, you are missing an entertainment that will blow your mind away.

Anyways, because I love L's character, I decided to do a cosplay of him. I really wanted to do cosplay of (if possible) all the characters. But I cannot. So I opted to cosplay as L. Here's a set of my cosplay portrayal. I hope you like it.

Deathnote is used by the Reapers which is somewhat like gods of death. Names written in the notebook shall die according to how the writer wrote the person's death. But if the cause of death is not written, the person shall die of heart attack.

Light Yagami, a law student, happened to pick up a deathnote by chance. Being an advocate of justice, he takes advantage of the super powers of the notebook and put justice on his hands. He worked anonymously killing suspects of crimes. He believes that in order to achieve a better and peaceful world, those who commit crimes must be eliminated from the surface of the earth. He was named by the people as Kira, the God of Justice.

Some are grateful of Kira because they see positive changes in the community like crime rate has decreased significantly, kids do not bully other kids anymore, and justice is served to those who became victims of crimes.

But others are skeptical about it because it seems that Kira acts like God when he is not. They think that killing criminals makes Kira just like them.

As this is posting threat to everyone, criminals and civilians alike, the government hired secret agents and detectives to know the identity of Kira. This is when L's character comes in.

The rest of the story is for you to watch. So what do you think? Do you agree with Kira's brand of justice? Comment your opinion below. I would love to know your side.

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  1. I really dig your second photo of L cosplaying enlisted up in the post. Looks really cool!

    1. Thank you, Fara Leen. I'm glad that you like it.
      Anyways, I tried visiting your blog. But it says that your blog's site does not exist. :(



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