How I got rid of pimples FAST


Some of you may already have known about the facial disaster that I went through at the start of the year 2015. For those of you who did not know about it, well, let me briefly recount what happened.

December 29, 2014 was my worst day ever! I woke up looking very hideous coz acne appeared all over my face. I wasn’t an acne-prone person to start with. You might think that I am exaggerating about my feelings about this but seriously, I felt miserably depressed during those times.

I started to feel bad about myself, I covered, I was ashamed, I pitied myself and I lost all confidence that I have. I even refused to look at the mirror. Whenever I wash my face, I wanna sob coz I could feel the rough skin caused by acne.

I never ever want to feel that feeling again.

It took about 2 months of suffering until I decided to search for products that could at least lessen the acne. I learned about Prestige Skincare Solutions which is endorsed by my social media friend, Matthew Ponce.

And so, with prayers, I ordered the Rejuvenating set.

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The products arrived in the mail and I was excited to receive it. It came with all products beautifully set in a purple pouch which I actually did not expect. I opened the pouch and the smell was tempting. It smelled sooo good. I don’t know if Matt sprayed perfume on it or something. But it smelled damn good.

It also came with a sheet of how to use the products which I was surprised and happy about. 


The set includes:

1 bar Kojic Soap (135 g)
1 Rejuvenating Toner (60 ml)
1 Rejuvenating Cream
1 Sunblock Gel with SPF 30

At first, I did not use the Kojic Soap coz I think kojic is too harsh for the skin. But I gave in and tried it after a few days.

I clean my face with my regular facial wash then start applying the toner. I think the toner reacted to my acne coz it hurts a bit when applying. I texted Matt and he assured me that it is completely a normal reaction if you have severe acne but the burning sensation must fade in seconds.

He advised me to apply the toner while facing an aircon or electric fan to lessen the burning sensation. Surprisingly, it did. It did not burn anymore.

Then I applied the rejuvenating cream. Matt told me that I should apply just a small amount of the product so as not to burn my skin. Sorry, I didn't have a picture of the rejuvenating cream.

In the morning, I would apply the sunblock gel to protect my face from the UV rays. It’s very jelly but once you applied it on your face, it feels natural already.



After 2 nights of using the products, I noticed there was micro peeling and little redness that gave me a pinkish skin which honestly looked pretty well. I stopped using it for 2 days as written on the instruction sheet. It was when I noticed that the pimples started to heal, redness minimized and I was starting to have a brighter skin.

It didn’t abruptly make the pimples disappear but it was a very very good start for me.

I gained my confidence back, I was happy with the result that actually led me to buying another prestige product which I will review soon.

After 1 month of using Prestige Skincare Solutions

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  1. Hi. Are you still using these products today?

    1. Hi JM! Not anymore. I stopped using the products after my skin healed. I am using other Prestige products though (for my body) such as Prestige Body Scrub and Body Cream.

    2. May I ask why you stopped using the products?

    3. Hello Nina! Thanks for visiting my blog. I stopped using the rejuvenating set because my skin is already healed. It's pimple-free already so I don't see the need to use it any further.

  2. Di po ba magsisilabasan sa una yung mga pimples?

    1. In my case hindi naman po nangyari yun.

  3. Replies
    1. Ginamit ko sya every after 2 days until the products were consumed.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. *bale wala pang isang buwan itigil mo na ung paggamit?
    *Then magsisilabasan BA muna ung pimples bago maging makinis?
    * gumamit ka BA muna ng rejuvinating set? Extra strenght or ung mild lang? Hope masagot mo tanong KO please!! 😊

    1. 1. Yup. Alternate days ko kasi siya ginamit. Every after 2 days.
      2. Hindi naman po nagsilabas ang pimples. But there was micro peeling and redness lang talaga. Kaya hindi ko siya ginamit daily.
      3. Yung pic sa taas, yun mismo yung ginamit ko. I'm not sure if it is the extra strength or mild version.

    2. Thank you so much Yuri!!

    3. You are welcome. Thank you for reading my blog.

  6. its so painful ot really hurt's.... 3rd day of using and its so painful like its burning my whole face

    1. Hello there! It's probably because you have active pimples or open wounds. I suggest you apply it while facing an aircon or electric fan. I relieves the burning sensation. It did the trick for me.

  7. Hi! nag try ako ngayon ng prestige.. medyo mahapdi sya at na ngangati yung mukha ko... normal lang ba yun or alergic reaction.

  8. ilang months or weeks mo sya gnamit. dame ko ng ntry pero pag nssanay n ung skin ko sa product nabalik lang ung pimple.

  9. Hi! The set that youbtried was it the mild version?

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Hey hi ano ginamit mo after using rejuv set?



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