How I Repair My Skin the Natural Way


First day of school is fast approaching and I am so concerned about how I will look on day 1. I believe that most of you, whether you’re a man or a woman or in-between, also share the same desire—to be a head turner on the very first day of school and beyond. I am so bothered about my looks because 5 days ago, I tried a facial cream to prepare for the anticipated day and (KA-BLAM!) it burned my face like hell.

**Note: I will not mention the name of the product I used and will not post a picture of my damaged skin so as not to stop you from reading further.

My skin is not usually sensitive to cosmetics but this one is hard core. It didn’t darken my face though but there’s pinkness (or more like redness) on my cheeks. It’s kinda harsh and you feel like your facial skin is being stretched from both sides. Not to mention the annoying peeling of your skin. Eeew!

I did a little research as to what to do to make my face not painful to the eyes. I learned that moisturizing is very very very and did I say VERY (?) important to achieve a healthy looking skin. In my readings, many suggested using aloe vera as a moisturizer. We have an aloe vera plant just outside our house so I decided to give it a try. And in just 1 application, I drastically saw improvement on my skin. I wash my face with a facial wash then pat dry and apply pure aloe vera. I like how it naturally hydrates and moisturizes the skin leaving it soft and smooth. It doesn’t give you itch and it works far better than what any creams on cosmetic shops will give you.

Here are photos I’ve taken after I used aloe vera. Look at my face without any concealer or even powder on. HAHA

It’s very natural so you will not worry about any side effects. Plus you don’t have to shed out money from your pocket. Very wise, right? My skin is still recovering from the damage caused by a cream I do not even know. Nonetheless it becomes better and better with aloe vera and I guess (I mean, I’m sure!) I will continue using this to moisturize my skin.

Tell me what you think about this by leaving a comment and watch out for other tips to help you enhance your attractiveness in my next posts. See you all again next time and I hope you learned something new today.

Kamsahamnida <3

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  1. A tip to preserve your face skin: DON'T SMOKE!!! Just from my own personal experience.

    Facebook: Michael Cooper

  2. That's very resourceful of you Yuri! I have a tendency to abuse aloe vera! =D

  3. Michael, good thing I don't smoke.

    Raisie, nature is very kind to us. hehe :)

  4. Cool Choi! Haha. I mean you are really resourceful. Cool talaga.

  5. Wah! Your skin is good enough to rival the skin of any KPOP star! You're so lucky to have natural aloe vera readily available where you are. :)

  6. Crush you did not tell us this before! HAHAHAHA. lagi taung magkasama, how come I didnt know? LOL

  7. Urrgh. I envy you!!! You have a fair skin. hahaha. I am not satisfied how fair is mine. I find it dark. Maybe because I drive a motorbike. But How come other people drive motorbikes but still are fairer than me!!! ahahaha.

  8. Thanks for the kind comments guys.

    Mich, it just so happened that mi abuela is a plant lover. I get the benefit. HAHA

    Czar, I too am not contented yet. lol Are u moreno?

  9. wow!! I need this too! :) what product did you use?? what aloe vera product is that? :) gosh. My skin has been damaged by some product I used months ago and now it's still not making any progress on the recovery yet :(

  10. I like it! My mom told me this before but never tried it pa :) Haha But it's effective! imma try this sometime :)



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