Meet the Raisie (A Bloggers Encounter)


What a good way to start the day! I was on my way to the office when I saw Raisie Fernandez of It was soooo fun talking to her. She’s just lovely, bubbly and her energy makes me want to chat with her more. 

The entire time that we were in that PUV, we just talked about how much we love and enjoy blogging. I learned that she started blogging sometime in November 2011. The pretty lassie also shared her first giveaway which you can view on her blog site. I felt excited for her and for me too.

As a neophyte blogger, I was inspired by her thoughts and blogging experience (from no reader, to quite a good number, to having sponsors, to hosting a giveaway, to meeting co-bloggers, etc.)

She took a photo of me while in the van. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to have a photo with her. I wanted to ask for one but shyness went over me. LOL

Nonetheless, it was a very nice experience. Her smile was so genuine that for a moment I thought ‘If all people in this world are like her, this would be a better world.’ **smile**

Later I will be meeting with co-bloggers and very good friends Kai Grafia Jerrick Go and Lei Mohammad!/superleiness for a good laugh trip movie!

Kamsa Hamnida <3

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  1. Yuri! Waah! Hugs! Hugs! =D

  2. Oh hope to meet you as well, dear. :)

  3. Yey! You are both from the same Barangay! :)) Nice!

  4. Raisie, I can't view your blog site. Why so? :(

  5. Oh I wish to meet you as well, dear. :)

  6. Thanks Trisha. That's so sweet of you. <3 Hope to meet you very soon.

  7. Check this out! (Hugs one more time)

  8. ang liit ng mundo. kilala ko kayo dawla :D hehe..

  9. I would love to meet you and talk about blogging too! Maybe soon? :)



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