Whoever Broke Adele’s Heart Also Made Her Rich


She might have experienced excruciating pain before to be able to write such good songs.

The 23-year old singer-songwriter have received so many success including being the first living artist to achieve the feat of two top five hits in both the UK Official Singles Chart and the Official Albums Chart simultaneously since the Beatles in 1964.

I was listening to her song last night entitled Someone Like You and I can’t help but think how deeply madly passionately she was in love with her guy.  Why did they break-up? What happened to them afterwards? Are they friends now?

These are questions that you might probably be thinking as well. Because I am so eager to know whatever happened to Adele, I made a little research and found this statement in one of the gossip sites in the internet:  "Well, I wrote that song because I was exhausted from being such a bitch, with 'Rolling in the Deep' or 'Rumor Has It' ... I was really emotionally drained from the way I was portraying him, because even though I'm very bitter and regret some parts of it, he's still the most important person that's ever been in my life, and 'Someone Like You,' I had to write it to feel OK with myself and OK with the two years I spent with him. And when I did it, I felt so freed."

Apparently, Adele was struggling emotionally when she wrote the song. The singer further revealed that it was written for her 30-year old ex-boyfriend whom she thought she would spend her whole life with. But the latter decided to marry someone else and is now happy with his married life.

I think “Someone Like You” was a phenomenon because it resonates with the world and many people in the world must’ve experienced the same pain, the same agony, the same misery in their lovelife. Adele was just able to put into words what most of us are feeling. She was the persona who embodied “us”. What made it more beautiful is that it talks about letting go and moving on. She was trying to make herself believe that someday she would find somebody who would love her the way she loves him. And that’s what love is: being not afraid to love and love and love.

Adele is now so happy with her new man, Simon Konecki who is a charity leader. He met the singer after they both had a trip to Everglades National Park. Adele definitely loves a funny man.

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