My Angels are Too Sweet


I have been happily spending my life with two very beautiful princesses on earth, Kai Grafia and Lei Madeline Mohammad. I am such a lucky guy to have gorgeous people around me (not to forget Jerrick Go, Ney Espiritusanto and Joelo Ramos).

Recently, I have received gifts from these people. Two cellphone covers for my BB. Weeeh… Thanks guys! 

The black one actually has bunny ears. I just cut it off. Hehe :)

If you constantly follow my blogs you will know that I had a blog entry about a practical item which my friend Garnet also gave me. I guess the gifts are not really the point of this article. It’s the thought that counts, as they say. I am just grateful that somehow these people remember me in one way or another. The good friendship that we share is the best gift I could ever receive. And that, I believe, is worth blogging.

‘Till next time folks! *wink*


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  1. Yey! Glad you liked the Angry Birds Case. HAHAHA! I know it's too childish for your taste! LOL

  2. hehe it made me a little younger. LOL (tryin' to be cool, hoping not to look like a fool!)

  3. I'm NOT glad that you had to cut off the ears of the bunny case! Hate you hate you hate you!:(

  4. @superlei: HAHAHAHA! ikaw na!

  5. @superlei - it doesn't fit in my pocket. I was always worried that some snatchers might grab it easily without me knowing. So I had to cut it off. hehe sorry.. But I still like it. :)

  6. I'm a fan of phone cases as well and I can remember buying myself a new one all the time! Haha but yeah, it's really the thought that counts so you're lucky to have them as friends :) BTW I saw your reply on Kai's post regarding Hodge Podge! Hope you like our items! :)

  7. awww..they're the sweetest!! :D I like angry birds case! so cuuttttee <3 hihihihihi :D sweet2x nila Kai at Lei :D

  8. lovely cases. your BB will be happy.

  9. love the cases! esp the angry birds case its so cute. :)


  10. wow they are really cute cases.. lol been wanting to have those too but too lazy to go out and get one for myself.. haha the angry birds is <3

  11. wow. I'm so glad that many commented on this blog entry. They sure like some gifts too. LOL

  12. I also have the yellow Angry Bird case design for my I-phone but since I have an HTC One X now, I don't have the luxury of choices for phone cases!!!



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