I can still vividly remember the day when I first saw this princess walking along the alley of the College of Liberal Arts. She was glowing like an angel that for a moment, I thought I was in heaven.

Who knew that we would end up being partners in all crimes? LOL :p

I write songs, she sings. I photograph, she models. I crack jokes, she laughs (well, sometimes). And I think she has been my partner for like forever in almost all of my hosting gigs be it live or for a TV show.

We are pretty much the Kuya Dick & Amy tandem (Eew! I can’t believe I just said that. So jeje!)

Anyways, to the most beautiful and the best singer I have ever met in person, Kai Grafia, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY and I wish that all of your plans, dreams, wishes, aspirations, and desires in life will come true. I know it will. Again, happy birthday Sweetie. I will always be the friend you can count on. I love you!

P.S. As a gift, I have collected birthday messages from some of your friends hoping to put smile on your face on this special day. XoXo


MARNETTE SAMPANG: Hi Kai. Ang tagal na natin di nagkikita, ang dami ng nagbago pero obvious parin ang kagandahan at ang kabaitan mo, talagang nangingibabaw. Am thankful for having the chance to have a friend like you. Keep the Faith. Love you. Hope to see you soon.

RR BAGUIO: Hello dear karen.. Happy birthday! :) May god continue to shower his blessings upon you. Give you good health, and happy heart.. Enjoy the rest of the day..

okay.. you know how much you’ve been a good model of beauty and brain to us freshmen before. Like others do, I look up to you ate.. You made me patronize beauty pageants, You brought perfection to our college days for you’ve been part of the active popular seniors that I’ve encountered. See how wonderful it is to know personally a CLA’s pride (who would not want that?). I actually don’t know what to wish for you ate, you brought legacy already and I think you have everything. But this, I wish undying beauty to you so you will continue to inspire others. Happy Birthday ate.

CEDRICK ZABALA: "Hi Karz! Cedz here! Pursue your passion and keep on inspiring other people. May God shower you with more blessings especially in your career, health and family. Hope to hang out with you soon! Happy Birthday!"


ARNOLD BUCOY: Happy Birthday Kai! It is rare to find people who were blessed with good looks AND tons of talents At intelligence. Not to mention, sweet and kind ka din!!! Quotang quota ka na!! You are blessed but I guess Mas bless kameng mga friends at family MO dahil parte ka ng buhay namin. So okay narin kahit lamang ka sa kagandahan. Basta friends tayo, maganda Narin ako. Hahaha. Good luck sa career at love life! And I hope you have a great bday today! Happy Birthday besh!

MARYPHIL ALMOCERA: To our celebrity cookie, happy bday! We are so proud of what you have achieved. We know that there will be more. Manalig lang. haha. Thanks for being an inspiration (naks daghan nakag fans), for being my ina and for staying as my friend. Kahit saan, kahit kailan.
Love and miss u! -pels


CZAR:  Hello Karen! I wanted to great you a wonderful birthday today. I wish you all the best in life and that all your dreams maybe realized. Take care always. God Bless.

NELKA JONES: Happy Birthday to the woman I know that is not only smart, beautiful, courageous , flexible , talented and most of all lovable. May you continue to shine and on your special day I wish you a very Happy Birthday!!! Mua!

SEFI CURADA: To one of the prettiest girls I've ever had the pleasure of working with, I will always admire you for your substance and intelligence. Without echos, you are one of the girls who's got the beauty and brains. you know, I might do a lot of photoshoot with different models nowadays but our shoot will always be one of the most memorable, at that time, I never had an idea what this career had to offer and you were this first girl we shot without any pressure, just plain having fun and that first will always be unforgettable to me. Continue to pursue your passions and I miss you, my muse and my friend.

-----VEZ TV----

JB LEE: Hi karen, wish you all the very best, all the joy you can ever have and may you be blessed abundantly today, tomorrow and the days to come! May you have a magical birthday and many more to come... HAVE A MAGICAL BIRTHDAY!!!!

-----ATEs and KUYAs-----

AIVELLE AIZON: Hi Karen, happiest birthday to you. I could not tell how young you are because you manage to look like a teenager. Undeniably YOU ARE beautiful, strong, smart and talented. I wish you'll strengthen everything you already have and that all of your aspirations will come true. Despite everything you remain to be humble. That is what I like most about you. Kai keep on soaring, learning, loving and sharing. God Bless you!

ABI GRACIANO: hello madam. Happy birthday.

JERRICK GO: Praise God for another year! Sweet cheers to share and remember! Happy Birthday from me to you! Stay humble and true as you always do! God bless you Nak! Lovelots always!

LEI DYOSA: Karen.. our friendship has been like a rollercoaster ride hahahahahahaha Neh, happy birthday! Magka-age na tayo. So please stop calling me ate until further notice. Hahahaha Nusabe lang bo pero I really feel lucky and blessed kay chene yo true friend artista. Sabe man bo kay poko lang myo friends kay choosy yo debe igual lang kumigo de bunita, so in a way lucky tamen bo to have me as your trulily friend. I so admire your humility. Maskin alto bo (literaly and figuratively) bien humble lang gat bo. O hala you'll stay that way. In case nusabe ka (or tampa nusabe lang) but you really inspire other people. Chasss! My wish for you is that you realize kay muchu pa ka kosa pwede ase na dkaw life. I feel like there are boundless possibilities that you should explore. Muchu pa yo kosa kere abla, pero ta pita ya si ney2 alya abaho, bolbe ya daw kame. Live ylang el otro. Kay este message via fb chatbox c/o fungks. Okay ne? Love you and happy birthday!

----THE ONE----

JOELO RAMOS: Happy happy birthday to my one and only baby girl. 25 kana!! Haha May you have a wonderful birthday my love. Know dat you’re always in my heart and forever in my mind. I love you soooo much and I miss you so! <3 <3 :-*


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