Happiness Is A Choice


Have you ever felt that feeling when everything you do seems not right? And even if you try to make it right, it’s always not enough? It SUCKS!

5 months ago, I was sick and tired of being just an ordinary person at work. It seemed nobody appreciated what I was doing. I had a dream- a vision for myself. And I didn’t plan to be just an employee serving other people’s ass. I actually wished I had a different job.

Suddenly, a grace from heaven fell right in front of me. Yes! A sweet, fulfilling, higher-paying job. So I took the opportunity and got out of my comfort zone. It was not an easy decision. I had to have a lot of courage to do it. Honestly, I had a second thought whether to take the job or not. But since I wished for it and the wish was granted, I had to take it.

Little did I know, I will be having trouble in adjusting with the new environment-new people, new schedules, new tasks, new world! I have got to learn a lot – quick! And because I am a baby to this field, it seems like I don’t know what I am doing. I’m trying so hard to do everything that is expected of me. But I always stumble and fall.
I’ve tried talking about this to one person I consider my most trusted and loved friend. And this is what I got from him: “Living life is a choice. How you live your life is a choice. How you deal with others is a choice. Everything must be a CHOICE.”

It made me think. Did I make a wrong choice? I wasn’t contented with my previous job but I must admit that I was happier back then. I guess this is what they mean by saying ‘be careful what you wish for coz you just might get it.’

But I’m not giving up. This phase might be a little rough for me right now but who knows? This rocky road could be a path towards success. For now, I will just go on with the bumpy ride.

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