So last night, seems like everybody took a little time to look up in the sky and witness the so-called SUPER MOON. I, of course, did not miss this opportunity to gaze at a beautiful creation up above.
It was as bright as a fluorescent light that’s hanging overhead. They called it the Super Moon because apparently it’s bigger compared to the usual moon size that we see at night. It was like last night, it appeared closerto the earth for us to have a clearer sight of it. It was so beautiful that I didn’t mind looking up in the clouds for like minutes. Here’s a photo if you missed to see it last night.

Photo by Tony Nievera

One thing added to the beautiful experience last night. I got to see (again) the star that kept on changing its color. I don’t know what star it was but it’s gorgeous. It turned from red to blue to orange to white. And I also noticed one orange star. My neck kinda hurt a bit after that. But it was totally worth the pain.
I guess I was just dumbfounded and amazed by the beauty of God’s creation. It’s good that sometimes, we get to appreciate the things around us. So how’s your experience with the Super Moon? Leave a comment.

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