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Today, together with all the educational institutions in the world, we celebrate the World Teachers’ Day as a way to honor our beloved teachers. Indeed, they have become part of our lives that molded us to become who we are today.

I can still remember I had favorite teachers back in high school and college. My favorite teacher in high school was Mrs. Vegare. I can’t remember her first name though but I loved her. She was my teacher in English when I was in first year. She was super duper strict and I loved it. I remember how she always remind us to say ‘PREsent and not preSENT’ during checking of attendance. (I wish I could let you hear how to pronounce it “The-Vegare-Way”)

Anyways, in college I had a professor named Ms. Marissa Makasiar. She’s big yet very adorable. I loved how she would always (aside from twisting our tongues to enunciate the words in SPEECH 101) give us life lessons which were pierced deeply into our minds. 

Here are some photos I had for this celebration.

I may not be a teacher by profession but I can proudly say that I am an educator. Thank you so much kids!

To my fellow bloggers, who is your favorite teacher? Do you have one? What was/were your unforgettable experience/s with them? Tell me all about it and let’s see how many can relate to that.

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  1. It's so sweet of your students to give you flowers. You must be really good. :)) I also have two favorite teachers: ma'am Nemia Dengal and sir Joseph Saguin. Ma'am Nemia made me love Mathematics which I thought I'd forever curse the subject. Sir Saguin on the the other hand taught us beyond the English curriculum for first year high school. He had so many things to say and I never got bored from listening to him. Ever.

  2. Happy Teacher's Day! <3
    I have tons of favorite teachers so I can't really name them all. LOL. :))

  3. Happy teacher's day Choi! Hope you had a blast! :)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Ooh I love the new design! Had a great teacher who was so patient and knew just what our class needed. She was also such an overachiever and super smart.... =)

  6. Happy Teachers Day :)) you have a cool blog. :)



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