Hey guys! I am so back and I am ready to start anew. It has been a long while since the last time I posted an entry here on my blog and I missed blogging a lot. Did you miss me? LOL

You might be wondering why I was idle for so long. Well, it’s just because last year, I promised myself that I would not post any entry unless it’s a fashion blog entry. And so here it is. Yiiippppeeee…..!!!!! (CONFETTI SHOWER!)

Today, I welcome myself to this fashion blog world. (Insert APPLAUSE here) Thank you! Thank you!

Anyways, recently, I have attended a party at Garden Orchid Convention Center. It was STI College’s 30th Anniversary and I was glad that they still invited me even though I am not part of the institution already.

I absolutely love the theme of the event. It was a DENIM PARTY so everyone was wearing a touch of denim. I would like to unleash the shy fashionista in me so I asked for the help of a very good and pretty blogger and friend, Ms. Kai Grafia for wardrobe. Sometimes I hate it that I am very petite but sometimes it becomes an advantage. Just like this time. Kai’s denim long sleeves from romwe.com fits so well that it actually looks good to me despite the fact that it’s a for-her clothing.

I also tried to accessorize a little to sport an edgy look. I opted to choose light colors like sky blue and white so as not to look like an asian punk star.

So what do you think guys? Can I pass a fashion blogger? (smiley)

P.S. I still don’t know how to write a fashion blog so please pardon me for my first entry. But your comments, critiques, and suggestions are very much appreciated.

Leave your comments below. Kamsa hamnida. =(^-^)=

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