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I have always been a huge fan of Saturdays and Sundays –days when you do not deprive yourself of a 10-hour sleep or a good 1 hour or so siesta. Not that I am lazy for work or something. It’s just that Saturdays and Sundays give me the time to be with my friends, enjoy the things that I want to do without worries or sometimes just have a ‘me’ time.

One Saturday, I went out with a friend (who is also a blogger), Kai Grafia, to take her pictures for her own blog. After how many wardrobe changes, she insisted that I should also pose for the camera. At first I wasn’t really up to it because I get frustrated when I don’t get good pictures of me. You know that scenario when you take a hundred of photos of yourself but you end up deleting all other photos and what’s left is like 3-5 pictures only?! It’s too frustrating.

Anyways, I thought that I can use these photos for my blog so I gave in to her suggestion. Here’s what I wore that day and I hope you’ll be gentle with your comments. LOL :-p

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