Are you with Mr. Right? Or with Mr. Maybe?


Ladies (sometimes even men haha) are devoted to finding Mr. Right --someone who is of their taste, someone whom they can call their Prince Charming.

Most often than not, they set certain ideologies of how men should be. Oh yes! Don't deny it girls.

You love men who open their cars' door to take you home.

In the morning, the first thing your hand reaches is your phone and you expect your guy to have sent you his morning message saying "Good morning babe."
And to a greater extent you probably expect him to prepare you breakfast in bed.

Before you go to slumber and enter dreamland at night, you expect a call from him just to say "candy dreams sweet apple pie."

This is reality.

Girls look for the Edward Cullen of their lives.

But then again, this is reality.

What happens when a guy does not meet these expectations?

What if you FELL IN-LOVE with someone who is a mediocre --someone who is not so intelligent, not so cute and/or not so rich?

In a more comprehensible term, he is not your "IT" guy.

Is your love enough to make him your Mr. Right?

Or will his imperfections label him as Mr. Maybe?


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