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I believe that I have always been a pure Pinoy (Filipino) by heart. One of my college Professors contested my belief though. She said that I was not proud being a Filipino because of how I look.

Many have been said about my physical attributes –that I look so Korean or Chinese and so on and so forth. But who is to blame? Just because I look foreign doesn’t mean that I am not proud being a Filipino. In fact, I LOVE Filipinos and I LOVE that I am a Pinoy.

Anyways, I am blogging about this because yesterday marked the 116th Philippine Independence Day and today is Flashback Friday. So I would like to show you some throwback pictures of me wearing traditional Filipino costumes. Let’s see how Pinoy I look.

Me wearing red Barong Tagalog by Designer Frederic Rodriguez.  
The Barong Tagalog (or simply Baro) is an embroidered formal dress from the Philippines. Baro is a Filipino word which means Dress. It is usually made from a variety of indigenous fabrics such as Pineapple fabric, Jusi fabric (made from abaca) and/or Banana fabric.
It is popularly (but mistakenly) called Barong instead of Baro. Barong Tagalog, translated to English, means Dress of the Tagalog people.

Me wearing a traditional rural Pinoy outfit. This is usually worn by people in the ‘nayon.’ Hehe J

Above are two (2) throwback photos taken during my college days.

Happy independence global Pinoys! <3

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  1. First let me say Happy Independence Day Philippines and to all the Philippines people world wide.
    Second: Just what is the "Pinoy Look" ? I have been to the Philippines and have meant many people there and as in the many countries that I have been in I can honestly say that the way a person looks doesn't make them "look like" any particular nationality.....It is what is inside the person that makes them who they are and from what country they belong to.
    I was very fortunate to meet you while I was in the Philippines this last year and never once did I think of you as Korean, or Chinese or anything else but only saw a very proud Pilipino who I am very proud to call a friend

    1. Hi Tom! Thanks for the sweet message.
      Well, 'Pinoy look' is a traditional look. Filipinos were once stereotyped as dark, short and timid. But those were the days. Hehe Pinoy look has evolved. :)



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