I am Skinny and I wore a Tank Top, so what?!


I have been reluctant for quite a while to wear something that shows a little more skin especially on the arms and shoulders. I have always been skinny and I didn't want to look like Golum as what people usually say about skinny guys who wear tank tops.

But this particular day was different. I finally gave it a try. I decided to wear horizontal stripes to make my body look wider/bigger and vertical stripes for my shorts to help make me look taller. And guess what? I liked it.

Quick advice: If you don't feel comfortable in what you're wearing, don't wear it. 

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  1. As long as you "FIT" your body's bone structure, you can't be skinny or fat. After meeting you, i can say that you do FIT your body's bone structure, and should not feel bad about showing some more skin, and I don't think that you need to wear strips to do it either...from these pictures you have posted here you do have nice shoulders and arms and legs too!! So today the tank top, and tomorrow shirtless!!

    1. "Today the tank top and tomorrow shirtless!!"

      -I'll think about it. LOL

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