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 Hey guys!

Today is #ThrowbackThursday. I would like to share with y'all my throwback photos back when I first did my cosplay portrayal.

For those who have not heard of cosplay before, it is actually the new trend in playing dress-up where a person called a cosplayer is to portray a character based on a manga, anime series/movies or even he's own fictional character (if he has one).

The portrayal includes wearing costumes, props, makeup, wig, and all other details that the character/s possess. While he pays attention to acquiring the needed props and costume, a cosplayer should also embody the characteristics of the one he portrays while doing cosplay.

My first cosplay experience was back in April 2013. I portrayed Shaoran Li of The Cardcaptor Sakura. Here are the photos:

Li, Shaoran

Clow Card

Shaoran dreams of Sakura, his crush. His cheeks turn pink whenever he's in a romantic scene with Sakura.

I asked for the help of my sister to take the photos above as I strike a pose. And by the way, we only used my phone's camera. The quality seems acceptable however for my next portrayals I'll probably borrow a DSLR camera from a friend so as to have better quality of pictures.

Yes, I am planning to pursue cosplay. I am still preparing though. But surely, I will portray another anime character pretty soon.

Please suggest who you think I could/should cosplay. Let me know by leaving a comment below. Thank you!

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