Zamboanga Hermosa Festival 2014


Last week has been uber fun for me and the rest of the Zamboangueños as we celebrated the Zamboanga Hermosa Festival 2014.

Just a little background on this celebration, the Zamboanga Hermosa Festival or popularly known as the Fiesta Pilar is a month-long festival held annually in the city of Zamboanga, Philippines. It is one of the Oldest Festivals in the country and the most awaited event in the region.

Each year, Zamboanga conducts series of activities in line with the celebration in honor of the patroness of the city, Our Lady of Pilar or in our local dialect, Chabacano, the Nuestra Señora La Virgen del Pilar.

This year’s celebration proves the resiliency and the true spirit of Zamboanga amidst trials and man-made catastrophe that she faces. No one would ever forget the fear that covered the entire city last year. But guess what? We are now ready to stand up and move forward with our lives. We are ready to build a better Zamboanga. And this is reflected on the theme of the festivity “Levanta con Fuerza y Fe; Marcha con Alegria, Devocion y Unidad” which translates to Rise with Strength and Faith; March with Joy, Devotion and Unity.

We, the Zamboangueño bloggers, were very fortunate to be invited by Tang juice drink and get front rows seats to witness some of the highlights of the Hermosa festival. (By the way, Hermosa is a Chabacano word for Lovely. Just so you’d know. *wink*)

October 11, 2014

Regatta de Zamboanga

120 colorful vintas sailed on the blue waters of R.T. Lim, Boulevard for this year’s Regatta de Zamboanga. The city has been known for its unique and colorful vintas which depict the rich culture and diversity of people.

The winner of the race took home P10,000.00 cash plus P5,000.00 coz they also bagged the first prize for being the Most Colorful Sail.

Alminda Isnani, 17, from Arena Blanco, is the older female sailor who joined the vinta race. Photo By: Christian Olasiman
Bryan Hassan, 12, from Sinunuc, was up for the challenge of competing with older vinta sailors. Photo By: Christian Olasiman
Photo Courtesy: Raymond Ledesma
Baile de Festival

Following the colorful boat race of traditional vintas was the festive street dance competition dubbed as Baile de Calle. The entire Zamboanga City Coliseum was roared by drums and cheers that showcased the influence of the Subanen, Tausug and Spanish heritage.

Zamboanga City High School (Main) hailed as the grand champion of the said competition and brought home P150,000.00 cash. Whilst Don Pablo Lorenzo Memorial High School and Maria Clara Lobregat National High School brought home P100,000.00 and P50,000.00 for being the second placer and third placer, respectively.

Me taking a selfie during the street dance competition
Maria Clara Lobregat National High School prepares for their grand performance
Emcees, Mark Saavedra (left-wearing pink) and Christian Olasiman (right-wearing blue), entertain the audience while the first performer is getting ready
I'm not sure if this is Zamboanga City High School Main or Don Pablo Lorenzo Memorial High School
ZCHS (Main) students flash their big smiles during their performance

MCLLNHS readies for their part

 Photo Courtesy: Christian Olasiman

After the street dance competition, we headed to Palmeras Restaurant where we had one of the greatest dinners I’ve ever had and even greater conversation with the company. I was still with my co-bloggers and the team from Mondelez Philippines, manufacturer and distributor of Tang Sweet Orange.

 Danza La Vida

Then we proceeded to another highlight of the festival which is the Danza La Vida street party. There, we have witnessed local bands compete rendering their original Chabacano compositions. Chabacano is the local dialect (or to some, a language) of the Zamboangueños. It is a mixture of some Filipino dialects and Spanish hence calling it a “broken Spanish”.

The party also boasted 3 huge LED screens onstage, which I think but not sure, is a first in Zamboanga. We weren’t able to finish the party though coz it was getting late and I needed to catch a ride. Nonetheless, it was still fun.


 Photo Courtesy: Christian Olasiman
                          Wang Guo Min
                          Passion and Pride Endless Photography

I went home bringing with me a gift pack from Mondelez Philippines. I guess I was such a lucky kiddo that night. HAHA I love everything that’s in the pack. I’ve got Eden cheese (which I uber love), Oreo cookies, Tiger energy biscuits, Mayo, and Toblerone. Though I’m not really into chocolates. But hey! It’s Toblerone. And of course, I’ve got to try the newest flavor from Tang which is made for Mindanao, the Tang Sweet Orange (Timplang Ato!).

You know that taste when you eat fresh, juicy, ripe and sweet orange? That’s exactly what I tasted when I tried the new Tang Sweet Orange. It tastes like it came from fresh orange.

I like it better because it contains vitamins that our body needs (i.e Vitamin A, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C of course and some more vitamins which I’m not so familiar with).

And I’m so excited to visit the grocery store for that watermelon-strawberry and watermelon-apple flavor! Yay… I can’t wait!


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