10 Types of Crazy People you meet at the airport


Sometimes I intentionally travel alone just so I could be alone at the airport. Yes, alone at the airport.

Not that I’m a loner or something. I just love it when, sometimes, I get to have a “me time” coz this is usually when I also get to observe people.

When I’m at the airport, I usually observe people: what they do, what they wear, how they behave, etc. etc.

So I decided to blog about it.

Here is my list of 10 different Types of Crazy people you meet at the airport.

1.    The Sleep-overer

This is someone who prefers to spend the night at the airport as if having a sleep-over party with bunch of strangers. He won’t care if he’ll look like a total mess as long as he gets a decent (or sometimes an indecent) sleep.

2.   The Show-Off

You will never miss to spot someone who’ll show everyone at the airport all of his gadgets and accessories. He’ll be playing music on loudspeaker mode or sometimes he’ll be a little humble by putting on headphone (a very huge one). Also, expect him to play lots of games with sounds on with his cherry mobile tablet. Duh, as if!

3.   The Chika Minuter

Sometimes you will be irritated by someone who will disturb you when you are reading a book at the airport. She’ll start with “What book is that? Oh, it’s Paulo Coelho! I like his books too. I like pink, I like watching movies, I like listening to music… Yadah! Yadah! Yadah!” Chika minute!!!!

4.   The SELFIE Kings and Queens

Very self-explanatory. Uhmmm…first time sa airport teh?

5.   The #OOTD-er

Fashion lovers will never let you leave the airport without noticing their outfit of the day. They’ll be catwalk-ing around like the airport is their runway. After all, they dressed to kill. So might as well kill you with their #OOTDs from the UK-ay. Fail!

6.   The Parasites

There are also people who abuse the airport’s amenities like the FREE WIFI. (xporn video…90% progress hihihihi) >:-I

7.   The Giraffes

Funny how some people never get tired of stretching their necks like giraffes just to look around coz they might find somebody they know at the airport. Just a piece of an unsolicited advice: post your location on your timeline and crowd source whoever is around. It’s easier that way.

8.   The Food lover

Oh I love it when I see people having picnic—at the airport. Hope they share some. *wink*

9.   The Don’t-Disturb-Me-I’m-Busy woman

I’m not sure if you guys have encountered one like her. But I certainly did. This woman seemed to be very busy though I’m not sure if she really was. She was talking to somebody on the phone, listing some stuff on her notebook, reading a book, observing other people, etc. Did I just meet Superwoman?

10. The Sana-Swertehin-Ako-Today

It’s not unusual for us to see foreigners (and I mean lots of foreigners) at the airport. I guess this inspires some men and women to always be at the airport and be on the lookout. Wala kang ibang pinagkakaabalahan teh? Magzumba ka!

‘Till next time! Thank you for taking time reading my blog.

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