Hey Mickey


Admit it! Mickey Mouse became a part of almost if not everyone's life when we were kids. I remember having a giant Mickey Mouse stuff toy in my room while my big sister had Minnie.

Lately I've been seeing Mickey Mouse prints on people's shirts so I decided to post this blog entry entitled Hey Mickey (which is long overdue, by the way).

I did not mind people looking at me and my weird fashion statement that day. I just felt like it brought back the child in me. And I felt confident wearing it. After all, we can be childlike once in a while, can't we?

IG: @theyurichoi

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  1. The plaid is wow! Keep up the good looks, Yuri! 😁

    - www.seftiburcio.com
    @seftiburcio 😁

    1. Woah! What a great day to start the day! Thanks for the comment, Sef!

  2. thanks for your comment on my blog :)
    I customize my blog template using blogger HTML :)
    I think your template quite great.. just change blogger header or the font , your template will looks different :)
    if you still confuse, you can contact me..^^

    1. Thank you! How can I change the font?



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