Betrayal Not


“I’m not jealous. I can’t be jealous. I’ve never been jealous... Ngayon lang.”
-this John Lloyd quotable line completely says what I felt when Francheska introduced me to Harvey.

Francheska –oh she’s damn gorgeous. We’ve been together for like 5 years now. After countless of bittersweet memories, she is still as adorable as she was when we first met. Her hair is silky smooth, her eyes are the most beautiful stars and her lips are like mallows soft and tender. Each time I see her, I always want to say “Marry me.” But of course I know this is not yet the time.

One day @ lunch, she introduced me to her new found friend. He was a newbie in the office where she works. His name is Harvey. From that moment on, I became disoriented by the thoughts of him. Why the hell she had to bring him with her to join us for lunch?

We always make fool of each other (our way of lambingan). But this time, there was a little pinch in the heart.

“May similarities kayo. Mas cute nga lang si Harvey”, she said. Then she burst out in laughter as I tickle her. But that was just my way to conceal and not let her know that I was actually hurt.

“Mas cute nga lang si Harvey.” Grrrrr…. That statement kept on resounding as if I was having an LSS. Then I jumped off the bed and stood in front of the human-sized mirror. I stared at myself and asked my roommate. “Hindi naman ako pangit diba? Kung patangkarin at patabain lang ako ng konti at bihisan ng maganda, di hamak na mas gwapo ako dun.”

Then Lee replied, “yun nga lang hindi ka matangkad, hindi ka macho at hindi ka marunong magbihis ng maganda.”

THAT FACT (and the fuck!) PISSED ME OFF.

Okay. Okay. I admit. That new guy apparently looks better than me. And the worst part was that there wasn’t anything to hate about Harvey. He’s good. He’s decent. He’s a gentleman. Aah!

Francheska and I agreed to have some coffee @ StarBucks after work.

30 minutes past our meeting time. I started to get a little irritated. Then I saw her fixing her hair and running towards me. “I’m so sorry. I’m sorry. I swear this won’t happen again.” She perfectly knows how I abhor late comers. I said it’s okay and that there’s nothing to worry about. I love her that much. But she kept saying “I’m sorry” over and over. The last thing I heard, however, was “Nagyaya kasi si Harvey magmerienda. I lost track of time.”

I gave her a smile. “You seem to be enjoying each other’s company. You sure have a lot of chemistry together.” I struggled to punch a joke.

She hit me in my arms and gave me a smile in return. Then I realized that the worst part was not that I don’t have any reason to hate Harvey. The worst part was that, because Francheska and I were still just friends, I couldn’t. :(

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