Girls Dress Up Not for Men


I just came from a training with my boss this day. I'm so grateful that I get this opportunity to learn and improve in the field that I am in. Anyways, that is not the reason why I decided to write a blog entry now. During our session, one statement uttered by my boss caught my attention.

BOSS: Girls dress up not for men. Girls dress up for other women.

I actually got confused. Isn't it that girls dress up, put on colorful make-ups, wear eye-piercing stilettos because they want the attention of the boys? I think I have a shallow perception on women.

Boss explains further: "Try to observe your girl friends. How do they look at other women? What do they read? Do they notice the fashion of other girls?"

Then I paused for a while and think.

and think...

and think...

and think...

Oh c'mon! You do not expect a biological male to completely understand a female. I think women understand what my boss said. I need more enlightenment. Leave a comment about whatever you have to say about this topic. For whom do girls dress up?

For men?

For women?

For herself?

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  1. Girls dress up for other people though unconciously what really girls want to have is to have a positive affirmation. In addition, they want to express their selves to utilize or to enhance the given gift of beauty, being creative to do some stuff and all, to compensate the feeling of sadness and happiness. Above all, they want to feel the belongingness and be accepted. I guess both boys and girls don't like to be embarassed, right?

  2. i dress for my self... it is feeling good and fearless every time i fix my self no matter what my hubby and my friend say, it doesn't matter.. it is all about the boost that i see to myself when i know i could make extravagance, elegance, or simplicity... (i know there are those who see me as an icon in my field of work, though, hehehe why not, they told me anyway)

  3. wow! Good for you. May I know why the need to feel elegant?

  4. I also dress up for myself. I feel a whole lot more sexy and beautiful whenever I dress up and with that comes the confidence I feel the whole day. So yeah, girls dressing up for men is so 2000 and late. It's not how things work these days. Just sayin.

  5. I think a lot of women dress up for other women, but not in a sexual way.. But maybe in more of a 'fitting in' way, or even a competition sort of way..
    I can't speak for all women, but most don't need to dress up to impress other men (unless they are trying to hook up) but they know that they will be looked at by other women and judged on their appearance..
    I mean, how many men care if a woman's shoes match her purse, or what brand her jeans are?

  6. Thank you for sharing your insight on this Ren. Yeah, I get it now. Majority of men do not really care about matching the whole outfit together or about the brand. Girls do.

  7. I dress for men, for other women and for myself.. I feel good whenever I see the surface of me in the mirror, polished..
    It's like... if I like what I see in the mirror, most probably they would like it too... I was just in the stage of in denial when I told myself I would never dress for men, or for other women, because it would be so feigned..
    ... I do not wear anything I'm not comfortable with, because it would show—-people notice if you do not feel good with what you’re wearing.. So why let people label you as someone who is this low-key when you could be that somebody that you’ve always wanted to be through the way you dress...

  8. I dress up for the occasion. hehehe When I'm on the hunt for men, they I dress accordingly. If I just want to feel good about myself, then I dress up to make myself feel better. When I want to impress my female friends, I also pick my clothes according to that occasion so it really depends :P There's no one objective to dressing up :P



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