White Hole


It feels like I haven't blogged since forever. I sincerely apologize to all my readers. (*_*) Anyways, my last post was about miracle. You may read it here. The past few days of my life have been about blessings, miracles, deja vu, unbelievable events that occur. Things that have no concrete proof or scientific explanations.

This morning, as I catwalk my way to the office (catwalk not because I'm a model but because I'm a cat. LOL), it felt like something was different, something was unusual. The weather was fine, it wasn't cold and it wasn't too humid. Just fine. But the sky seem to be so strange that I cannot take my eyes off it.

Look at these photos I took.

You cannot see it in the picture but I swear, with my naked eye, I was able to look at the circumference of the sun. At first I thought it was a moon. But there’s no way that the moon can be as bright as that. Plus there were craters inside the circle. I am not sure though.

It occurred at around 8:30 in the morning. I thought that if there was an opposite of the “Black Hole”, it’s definitely this. My imagination was running when I was staring above. I thought something heavenly would come out of that white hole.

I can’t explain this but I am so amazed.

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