A Happy Trip to Paradise


Hey guys! I was out for a couple of days and I really really miss blogging. I didn’t have so much time to update my blog because I was out of town. Guess where I went? (drumroll) to the beautiful city of Tagaytay.

7:00 AM ǀ July 25

It was a beautiful start of the day. The weather was fine. It was actually cold but it wasn’t raining. From Taft, we drove our way to Tagaytay with so much excitement. It was an hour and 40-minute ride. In the middle of the trip, my friends were all “knocked-out” (asleep) while I was enjoying the view. I think we passed through Sta. Rosa Laguna and when we finally reached Tagaytay, it was like oh-my-God!

Almost 9:00 AM ǀ July 25

I had to describe the place the first time we reached Tagaytay: SO CLEAN!!! SO FRESH!!! SO Pineapple-ly? Hehehe I noticed that there are lots of pineapples in Tagaytay which made me love it more. But more than that, I looooove the cleanliness of the place. From the structure of the houses, to the streets, to the people, they were clean and beautiful. Plus you know that even the air you breathe is clean too. It’s like when you’re there, it’s always refreshing. I’d like to share with you some photos we took while we were there.

Where I spent my nights watching movies LOL

Bird's Eye View of the place

we went out to look for a store

My Team

Breakfast in Tagaytay was superb!

The Resto

My new found friends(From left: Erick, Arianne, Emman)

Anne from Davao (I got these photos from her. Hehe)

Last photo op before we left Tagaytay

8:30 PM ǀ July 27
Too bad we weren’t able to go elsewhere and enjoy the rest of what Tagaytay has to offer. We stayed there for 3 days and went back to Manila. Did I say Manila? Oh yes! I realized I was actually in Manila so I decided to visit a very close (as in tight) friend, Madz. I missed her a lot so I spent time to bond with her. Just like what we often do back in college, we sang again and again and again and again. Here is our video: Roll VTR!

To sum it all, it was absolutely a super fun experience I had last week. And I’ll definitely go back to Tagaytay again.

How about you? Share with me your best travel experience.


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  1. nice place... but it is the experience in the place that makes it memorable!

  2. wow i like tagaytay! so clean. ;) and ang daming fresh fruis! ;)


  3. Pinay R. > I totally agree with you. Next time I will have a planned vacation.

    Sweetiecouture > Yes. Their fresh fruits are mouthwatering. Makes me want to go back there. hehehe

  4. Wow! What a nice place crush! :) Jan na ang next trip natin. HAHAHA

  5. HAHA "Next" crush? Pls remind me where and when was the first? LOL

  6. OMG!!! I love the place!!!!! how I wish I could go there someday! hihihihi :)

    Rhea Bue (Styles & Writes)

  7. You'll love it more once you're there :)



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