Zamboangueño Makes It To The X FACTOR Australia Season 4


25-year-old proud Zamboangueño, Chris Cayzer, made it to the Top 20 in the latest season of X Factor Australia. Chris is the son of Zamboangueña Kristine Araneta Cayzer and Reggie Hizon Cayzer. He already made a name in the music industry in our own country and now he’s taking another milestone in his career.

I personally didn’t expect much from him in the auditions. But I will tell you honestly that he had blown me away with his performance. Chris sang Vanessa Carlton’s A Thousand Miles which I think is so girly. My judgment? HE OWNED THE SONG! He actually made me forget Carlton. His rendition was masculine and fun and light and pleasurable and i-don’t-know-what-to-say-anymore. Oh wait, I gotta watch the video again.

Mel B of Spice Girls gave him a standing ovation and said that there’s something extra special with Chris that she haven’t seen for a long time. However, Idol Guy Sebastian thinks Chris needs to grow a lot then followed by giving him a NO vote. But the good news is, the three other judges gave him a huge YES.

I personally remember when Chris visited Zamboanga several years ago and sang for his fellow Zamboangueños. If I’m not mistaken, he visited us twice already.

I love his version of Lisa Loeb’s You Say.

That’s it Zamboangueños! Hope this blog made you feel more proud today. Gracias.


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  1. I just met him in his concert Past years ago..

  2. Hi ! Nice blog ^.^ I'm your new follower
    Welcome to follow me back:

  3. @Blessie- Nice. I'm sure he's glad to have met you.

    @DidmoKitten- Thank you. I will visit your blog now.

  4. can't believe that Chris is now in Australia! Kaya pala nawala sya sa muic scene dito. Anyway, sana big break na nya to. :)

    1. Yeah.. Well, we all wish for the best for him. :)

  5. I think he's super guapo! hahaha He does remind me of Josh Hartnett. :) I wish him the best of luck and hope he makes to the top 5 or something :)

    1. Yes, Mich. He is. And he's super tall (insert my envious face here). In the latest news, he got eliminated from the show already. Well, Top 20 is not bad right?

  6. Not really a big issue, just that I'm too much of an OC but Lisa Loeb's song is Stay - not You Say.



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