5 Worst Male Habits


Have you ever come across with a man who clips his toe nails in the living room? Or probably men who scratch their (ehem!) in public? If you did, how did you react to that?

Well, I’ve been trying to write about how women can understand men better but this is where my fingers led me when I was typing in my thoughts. I have to admit that I’m guilty of a few of these but not really EVERYTHING. So you can still hang out with me after reading some of my confessions. HAHA
Here we go..

5. Not washing their hands after using the bathroom
Do you wash your hands after you’ve visited the bathroom? I bet you do. But some men, surprisingly, don’t. According to a study, one out of three men does not lather up before leaving the bathroom. I think this is just gross.

4. Wearing the same old thing over and over
Guilty! You know, there are just times when you feel so comfortable with wearing a certain shirt and it becomes your favorite. Plus, it’s really better to wear pants that were worn several times already. Agree?

3. Smoking
I am definitely not guilty of this. Do you know that feeling when you feel so fresh and suddenly somebody comes in front of you carrying that please-stay-away-from-me odor? Arrgh! I hate it. Worst thing is it sticks to your clothes and you can’t get it off you even with your expensive perfume.
I believe everybody loves a minty fresh breath and pearly white teeth. So why smoke?

2. Peeing on the Toilet Seat
Sometimes this happens to me. It isn’t that hard to point directly to the bowl and hit the target. But sometimes, I can’t control the liquid that comes out. And there’s another thing that I can’t do. I can’t explain this any further so to my lovely readers please understand. :) Next…

1. Scratching in public
This is something weird. I, too, sometimes experience the need to scratch when I’m in public but I don’t do it publicly. Men also experience ‘wrong parking’. If you’re a guy, you would understand what I mean. But my friend, scratching and fixing it in public is a big minus pogi points. There’s the CR. Or if it comes to you as a hassle, you can put your hands in your pocket to at least hide what you are doing. That’s what I usually do. HAHA lol

There you go! Tell me what you think about this and share your opinion/s. Perhaps you would also like to share your worst habits. HAHA ‘Till next time.


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  1. I've only been a witness to 4, 3 and 1. What bothers me the most though is probably smoking. Not only does the smell stay after a smoking session, it's also very unhealthy. I'll never understand why people do it. :/ (Sorry, smokers.)

    1. Of course you wouldn't know it unless the story is told to you. HAHAHA 2 and 5 are very common when you get in the males' CR. Plus I forgot to mention that they don't know how to use the flush. Gross!

  2. Agree with most of them. You should add drinking too much too! hahaha I have a friend who's very nice when sober but he's a very difficult drunk. Quite annoying actually. My boyfriend used to smoke cigs but I kept nagging him about it, he switched to e-cigs now. At least e-cigs arent smelly hehehe

  3. guilty ako s number 4.. i use my pambahay shirts paulit2. and jeans for at least 3 days depende kung nadumihan o napawisan.. number 1 naman i try to do it when no ones watching... :D number 5 if wala talagang tubig..haha..

    1. HAHA That's funny Cedz. Well, ako twice ko talaga ginagamit ang pants ko. Mas maganda kasi gamitin yung medyo worn out. hehe



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