Ano nga ba ang #Sinotto?


For sure you have heard of the issue that the Senate Majority Leader Tito Sotto III is facing, right?

PLAGIARISM –let’s define that. The wrongful appropriation, close imitation, or purloining and publication of another author's language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions, and the representation of them as one's own original work. (By the way, this is from I don’t wanna be accused of plagiarism. LOL)

The fire started when The Senator allegedly plagiarized the first part of his turno en contra speech against the RH Bill from blogger Sarah Pope. Guess what? May Round 2! (Sound Effects: Boxing bell)

This time, may prinsipyo na syang sinunod. The I-don’t-always-plagiarize-but-when-I-do-I-tagalize-it principle. Let’s see.. Ansabe, when Tito Sen delivered the final part of his speech, a Twitter user noticed similarity of it to the speech of Robert F. Kennedy. Tingnan nga natin…

Downloaded from

Agad na kumalat sa chwiterr world ang kung tawagin ay #Sinotto. This is when you tagalize English quotes, songs or phrase. Example:

“Tawagan mo ako siguro” –by Carly Rae Sinotto

“Parang sanggol, sanggol, sanggol oooh” (Like baby baby baby) –Justin Sinotto

“Bakit ba biglang lumalabas ang mga ibon sa tuwing ika’y malapit?” –Karen CarpenSotto

“Ang singsing ng 3 Hari” (A Ring King King King)


Ctrl C + Ctrl V = Sinotto


Ansabe ni Cherrie Gil kay Sotto?
“You’re nothing but a second rate, trying hard COPY-PASTE!”

Ansabe ni Britney Spears kay Sotto?
“ did it again.”

Ansabe ni Hilda Koronel kay Sotto?
“Tagalog yan para maintindihan mo.”


Ngayon, may dalawa akong tanong na iiwan sa inyo. 

First, gaano ba ka-importante sa atin as bloggers na i-acknowledge tayo kung gagamitin ang sinulat natin?

Second, paano kaya ita-translate ni Sotto ang:
Oppa Gangnam Style



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  1. hahahaa! this is funny Yuri! been following the Sotto issue nga din... kainis to just dismiss us as "blogger lang yun"... pero really, in this time na it's really easy to copy/paste words/photos/etc. from the net, as civilized people dapat pa ring iacknowledge and source dahil may effort din naman sa gumawa... iv experienced having my photo of sta cruz island used by another blogger, and finding it in her blog without acknowledging that it was from me i left a comment which she just erased... ambastos lang...

    1. Nakaka-sakit nga naman ng damdamin pag ganun. hehe May bagong law na rin nga yata about this eh..

  2. haha! mahirap maisotto ang gangnam style! really, he's a friggin senator of the philippines, therefore he should make a good example of himself, cause he is a leader after all. kakainis lang yung mga tao na hindi mo na mareach kala mo diyos na... Dyusko anu na kaya ang mangyayari sa pinas kung maging president yan... :)

    1. Gusto kong i-sotto-copy itong comment mo at ipost sa wall ni Sen Sotto. HAHAHA

  3. hahaha... I heard of this issue just now, hnd kc ako nakakanood ng tv. hahaha... This is really funny, made my day actually. LOL! Anyway, I'm just 5'8, I'm not that tall but I think I look tall 'coz I'm so skinny. hehehe

    1. hehe Thanks! At least you are aware of it now. By the way, I'm 5'9 (with 5-inch heels). LOL



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