They Declared WORD WAR!


Ang lakas maka-sira ulo nitong dalawang leaders of the nation who lashed out against each other over China and the division of Camarines Sur. Ansabe, itong si Senator Antonio Trillanes IV blurted out something offensive against the usually cool at paupo-upo lang na Senador na si Juan Ponce Enrile.


In a privilege speech, Trillanes revealed that in a Senate assembly held last July 24, Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile pressured senators to support the division of Camarines Sur. He added that he lost his trust, faith and confidence in Senator Enrile’s capability to lead the senate because he thinks the latter is being GMA’s lackey.

Wow! Lost trust. BIG WORD!


Mabilis namang rumesbak ng sagot si Senator Enrile by saying,

 “Somebody in this chamber was in the headlines for meddling in foreign affairs. Probably this is a way to camouflage it.”

Instead of discussing about the division of the province, he pointed out about Trillanes’ back-door negotiations with China then went blah blah blah on personal issues.

"I was the one who took you out of the rut when you were in prison in Camp Crame. I went out of the way to talk to people so you can get back here in the Senate and I guaranteed your presence here, but I’m not saying this because I don’t want you to owe any favor to me. I’m just putting that into record to show the character of each one of us here,” said Enrile.

Hindi ba parang away-bata?

Bata1:   Bakit mo ako sinumbong sa Mama ko na kinuha ko yung piso sa wallet nya?
Bata2:   Ikaw nga sinumbong mo rin sa Mama ko na nanood ako ng Asdfghjkl.

Gantihan ba ito? Clearly, that was beyond what they were supposed to discuss that time. Masyadong naging personalan.


Trillanes then walked out of the Senate session hall.
"He cannot take the heat. He's a coward," –Sen. Enrile

And the winner by surrender is…..(drum roll) Juan Ponce “The Furious” Enrile!!!!!!!!!
(Background Music for Trillanes: I Surrender by Celine Dion)

I remember what Sen. Enrile kept saying during the previous national election:
“Gusto ko HAPPY ka!”

Now, I think what he’s saying to Sen. Trillanes is:
“Gusto ko API ka!”


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  1. what do you call that fallacy of covering dirt with another? hehehe hay ako hate ko lang na they don't know how to close one issue first before pointing finger to others with a new issue para lang makalusot... sigh! usual political drama!

    1. HAHA well, it's more FUN in the Philippines. LOL



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