I'm Joining A Giveaway


K-Pop is soooo like the "it" thing in fashion today. The burst of bright colors, outrageous accessories, fancy outfit --they all bring positivity, fun and a lot of excitement to the eyes.

Being a half-Korean, half-Filipino that I am, I can't deny the fact that yeah I love k-pop too! So why not give it a try to doll myself up with korean style outfit? HEHE

Just when I read about this giveaway post from http://www.koreandoll.net/2012/06/koreandolls-birthday-giveaway.html
Check out the colorful jeans at  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Team-Colors/287783761234247

Cool right?!

I just wonder if it will fit me since I can see that it's for girls. Nonetheless, I am still joining this contest. I am a small size anyway.

Kamsa Hamnida <3

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