I Need a Little Help Here


I have never visited a dentist before –EVER! I had no reason to visit them anyway. I remember having a toothache a long time ago but it happened just once. Nothing really serious. 

Let me flash a big smile for ‘ya…

Photo from a Theatrical Event

That’s what you see in front view. But hey! Something’s bothering me.

See that tiny little entrance? Hmmm… yeah, you’re right! I missed one tooth there. For i-don’t-know-what reason my tooth broke one day leaving a tiny left over that’s holding on to my gums. It doesn’t hurt though but it doesn’t look good when I smile. I wanted to have it taken off but I’m afraid. I’m afraid that the dentist would hurt me. I’m afraid that I won’t be able to take the agony of the injection. I’m afraid I might die. (OA?) LOL So I just leave it that way until now.

What shall I do with this, guys?


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  1. I'm unsure where you live but in Canada and I'm sure in many other countries you can request to have not only the little shots that numb your mouth but also laughing gas and even a valium if needed that totally calms you and you won't even notice they're working on you.the gas feels kinda like a twilight dreamy state, you're totally conscious but just don't care much, lol. Great feeling! Also, the dentist should use a numbing cream on your gum before freezing & using the little needle. It stings a LITTLE bit but only because of the slight pressure of the tiny bit of liquid freezing being pushed under the gum.
    You should really go to the dentist, even though it doesn't hurt you probably have an infection, that's why your tooth broke. The infection can influence other teeth!! Remember, all those teeth are in the same mouth, when you get a cold it doesn't just affect your nose, right, it makes your chest heavy, hurts your throat and plugs your nose. Well, same with a tooth infection.
    One of my back teeth cracked and had to be pulled and I was seriously scared. But it actually didn't hurt AT ALL. I felt pressure and hours later, after the extraction, I took some tylenol but seriously, it didn't hurt and I'm a total chicken!
    Ask around, find a dentist you can trust. If they don't LISTEN to your fears then leave and find another. I suffered with a bad dentist for years, thinking it was supposed to hurt, then we moved and I had the tooth pulling thing and found, holy cow, it ISN"T supposed to hurt. Who knew? If your dentist doesn't listen and truly take your fear into consideration then that's not the dentist for you. Explain your fear and they should totally work to alleviate it. Good luck.
    Oh, if you need blog help I have a blogging 101 series on my blog's sidebar. Just click it to read all the posts so far!

  2. i just hope that if you really go to the dentist, hindi mabigat ang kamay niya.



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