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Hey guys! I’m back with another blog entry. Here’s something every woman should know.

You surely have heard of the term “Girl Talk” where girls sit down and talk about whatever or whoever they want to talk about. But have you ever wondered what boys talk about when they have their own “Boy Talk”? Hmmm…. 

Back in college, my best buddy Madz and I did a study about how men gaze women. In our study, we found out that when men look at women, they tend to “fragmentize” a woman’s body. In simple terms, men do not see women in their totality. He will chop a woman’s body with his eyes.

To further prove this theory, I decided to ask some more men about fragmentation (I excluded myself coz I’m the one doing this article. No to self-incrimination. HAHA)


Below are the fragmented parts of a woman that men usually pay attention to.


Face. I believe this is something normal to the majority of us regardless of gender. 6 out of 15 answered they look at the beauty of her face. If a girl isn’t beautiful, they will not bother looking at her other features. Hmmm that answers why women have a lot of make-up and accessories in her bag.

Skin. Males have a fascination for a beautiful skin of women. When asked about what the respondents like in women’s skin, they answered they like white or fair complexion. I asked them why? Their answer quite impressed me. White skin for them means cleanliness. It also represents the femininity of a woman. The fairer her skin is, the more likely a man is to take care of her or caress her. So how about the morenas? Any violent reaction to this? LOL If you are morena, I recommend using a milk bath during your shower time. It moisturizes your skin and leaves it soft and smooth which will make men go loco.

Next thing that attracts men’s attention is the HAIR. According to one respondent, how she fixes her hair reflects her personality. So girls, next time you see your crush, make sure that you fix your hair well to catch his attention. You might probably want to have your hair dyed and/or put on hair cuticle to add gloss.

BUTT. Boys will always be boys as they say. It’s inevitable for men to take a peek at a woman’s  lump --shape of her butt. The more curvaceous you hump is, the more attraction men feel for you and the more desirable you become. Don’t worry girls, if you are not so gifted with it, there are undergarments available in stores that have paddings to add to your voluptuousness.


And the last spot is shared by the way women DRESS up and her SMILE. Simplicity simply attracts males’ attention. How come simplicity arrives last?

This may be human nature (at least for boys). But this doesn’t mean that we don’t respect women. Of course we do. It’s just that sometimes, or often times, we become so playful and it’s kinda difficult (especially for the young ones) to just drop it and act matured.

One respondent asked me “How about the women? How do they see us?” I wonder too.

If you are a man, you may verify or object the statements above. If you are a woman, what can you say about this? Share with me your thoughts by leaving a comment.
Kamsa Hamnida <3

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  1. Interesting study Yuri! I am morena myself but I maintain using sunblock and moisturizer just so I won't have dry skin and overexposure to the sun and environment.

    I have to agree that the smile tops it all of, an engaging and friendly personality makes a woman more approachable. =D

  2. I love this article!!! Very very interesting! :D But I kinda disagree with the skin remarks. I don't think having a fairer skin means clean immediately. Maybe that is just the mentality of the majority. :D

  3. Thank u for the nice feedback guys. Well, the statements above came from the respondents themselves.

    Raisie, let me ask you the question: How do girls see men? HAHA

    Czar Ian, we all have our individual preferences and perceptions on things. hehe I'm glad that this article caught your attention.



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