REVIEW: Dove Damage Therapy Shampoo


Hi you guys! I’m back with a review. This one’s for our much-loved hair.

I soo love dyeing my hair. It’s like each time I try to reinvent myself, my hair is always at the top of my fix-this list. But because I do it so often, I noticed that my hair was actually damaged. So I realized it’s time to take action and resuscitate my hair back to life. HAHA Exaggerating here.

I learned that Unilever, the manufacturer of Dove soap, launched a new product for Dove --the Dove Damage Therapy Shampoo. I am a huge fan of Dove products.  I’ve been using Dove soap ever since forever (I stopped a month ago but surely I’ll use it again). So I tried this shampoo.

I love eeeeeeettttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Right after using it, I felt that my hair was so much manageable. It became so soft. It was actually the first time that I loved touching my hair. I adore the scent of it. The smell is not too strong unlike other shampoos I’ve tried. The fragrance is like a fresh morning scent which awakens my senses. It’s not greasy so you can just wash it off without having a hard time. 

So my final rating for this product?

An A+, 5 stars and 2 thumbs up!

I don’t even care if it’s a ‘for-girls’ shampoo. For as long as it gives the result that I want, I’ll continue using it. So why wouldn’t you try it too? Or have you?

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  1. I think I should try this one. I'll see if this is better than that I am using. :D

  2. We have a bottle pair of the Energy churva in yellow, I'm still using my Human Nature shampoo, but if I run out, I might grab the Dove ones...

    I use the Dove soaps bigtime! (And deodorant too)


  3. I hope you'll love it too. I'm sure you will.

  4. I'm in a relationship with Dove! Lawl ♥

  5. cool review! :) my friend told me that their dove products for hair is their best line in Unilever daw. :) Yan daw yung pambato nila kay Pantene. hehehe.. :) goo choice for shampoo Yuri! :)

  6. Great choice, Choi! Dove dove dove! Hahaha.

  7. I'm a Dove lover too :)

    Shower Cream too



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