A Bag to Bag


One's getup is never complete without a stylish bag. It enhances the style, the mood and it adds drama to your outfit. The world has become so busy and despite the "busy-ness", we can't afford to look tired and exhausted. So most women (and men nowadays) prefer to bring huge bags with them to carry their office/school stuff, personal hygiene items and kikay must-have's.

Last night, I was thinking of something to give to my mom as a present for mother's day. I thought of giving her lipstick, perfume or a dress. Just when I read this post from a good friend, Kai Grafia, who actually writes for Fashion and Fragrance. She is giving away an elegant tote bag from Korean-Fashionwear. Wow! (an answered prayer? hehe) Now, that's a perfect gift.

Without a second thought, I decided to join the Bag That Prize Giveaway contest. This is actually my first time to join an online giveaway. I sooo want this bag for my mom. Who wouldn't want something like this (see pictures below)...

See? A must-have, right? What I most like about it is that it's simplicity makes it elegant. My mom will surely love the mini compartments that it has inside it and the magnetic lock.

Because of this giveaway, I was also able to know about the Korean-Fashionwear which provides Korean and Japanese style of apparels. I wish they have items for boys too.

Anyways, we'll see who wins this contest (crossing my fingers now). If you love this, join the giveaway thru
Bye for now. I will update you when I get this item! HAHA

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