One Saturday night, a friend and I went out for dinner. We had the usual food that we order in the restaurant. But that night was a little more interesting. We decided to be Chinese for a night. HAHA

Have you ever wondered why Chinese people use chopsticks instead of spoon and fork? Have you ever tried using one?
It’s amazing how Chinese folks use chopsticks so easily and as naturally as we use spoons. So there we were-- struggling so hard to be Chinese at a Chinese food house. It was actually a test of patience. But it was definitely fun!

Having a hard time wrestling with the sticks.

QUICK TRIVIA: Chinese use chopsticks because of the way they prepare their food. It is being cut into small pieces so that it can be cooked quickly. Why? To save fuel, hence cutting its cost. Chinese are really wise. Hmmm…..

So here’s a step-by-step know-how on "MY WAY" of using chopsticks:

Step 1

I realized I was actually not doing it right.

Rest one chopstick on the 3rd and 4th fingers with thumb on top of the middle part of the chopstick.

Step 2

I still didn't get it right. HAHA


Hold the other chopstick on the index and middle fingers, by using the tip of the thumb to keep the chopstick in place.

Step 3

was able to pick up and hold the food for like 12 seconds. LOL

Level chopsticks, pick up food with movement of the upper chopstick, keep the lower chopstick stationary at all times.

Step 4

If it doesn’t work, stick the food to the chopsticks and enjoy munching.

(NOTE: My friend deleted the photo. Errr!)

Step 5

If all else fail, drop the chopsticks and start using your fingers. LOL

Now practice, practice, practice! And most importantly, have fun!

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