Review: GLOBE vs Smart Services


I was, and still is, a loyal subscriber of Globe Telecommunications. I just loved to be ‘Go lang ng Go’. I laughed at my friend when, one time, we went somewhere up the mountain and she had no service (signal) –she was with the other network. Because of that, I was able to convince her to switch to the biggest network (at least in the Philippines).

Ever since High School, I was sooo in comfort with my network. But something might have worked differently now. I can’t make calls whenever I want. I can’t register to their promos. My text messages are always delayed –and I mean SERIOUSLY late.

On the other hand, I was so impressed when Smart TeleCommunications changed its Marketing strategy.

From their trademark color…

Smart Telecommunications went from Green to Blue. Have you noticed?

to their advertisement style...

Emotional Appeal always works with the Pusong Mamon of the Filipinos


 I was totally impressed (I’m sticking with Globe though)!

The only thing that keeps me with the network right now is because I hate changing numbers and majority of my friends are Globe subscribers too. I hope that Globe TeleCommunications would do something about this concern.

Did you also experience the same? Leave a comment.

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  1. Agree! I don't know what's with globe. But will stick with globe still.

  2. I sure do! It starts couple fights din and that's really annoying. I hate how I have to restart my phone countless times to get signal .___.
    ...but yes, I'm still sticking to globe haha

  3. I'm maintaining my Globe number simply because I'm too lazy to switch and notify people that I have a different number because my Globe has been with me for already five years. The delayed messages also alarm me, but I'm still giving Globe a chance to redeem itself, whenever that may be.... =p

  4. Still sticking to globe because of my plan. LOL

  5. Thanks for all the comments guys. Yeah, the trouble we get these past few days is alarming. Nonetheless we keep our loyalty to the network.

  6. Ako, TM gamit ko pero under globe parin and I am a loyal subscriber of Globe. :)

  7. I love globe forever. Nice blog. It's clean and interesting.

  8. Me too. Though I have Sun too! Try Sun they got good signal! Haha promoting? haha about your theme! Looks kinda feminine for me haha you don't want a black and white theme? A monochromatic theme is better! :)

  9. Thank you for the comment and suggestion LalalaPatricia. <3

  10. Thank you for the comment and suggestion LalalaPatricia. <3

  11. Thank you for the comment and suggestion LalalaPatricia. <3



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