Rumor has it that the US President is actually gay. Newsweek’s May 21 issue states Barack Obama as The First Gay President.
Newsweek May 21 issue

In the cover of the magazine, it displays a photo with a rainbow halo over His Excellency’s head. The rainbow color actually depicts the “gay-ness” of the president. The cover story was written by Andrew Sullivan, a popular (and openly gay) political blogger.

It seems like this really creates a buzz ‘coz another cover of a magazine also featured the same matter. On the cover of the New Yorker’s May 21 issue is the White House in a rainbow color. Looks like rainbow is the color of the week. But The New Yorker did a little subtle approach on the issue for not bluntly putting the president’s face on the cover.

Perhaps it’s fun to add a little more color to the White House. ;-)

We may see this differently. Some may think that it is not rightful for a leader to make a noise such as this. Some would appreciate his bravery for coming out in the open. 

So, what’s your say about this? Leave a comment.

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