Oh how I abhor his presence. I can’t handle the excruciating pain he gives me, the discomfort when I try to speak or utter any word. And perhaps you, yourself, have also met and fought with him in one way or another.

No, I ain’t referring to anyone. I am referring to this evil mouth sore (in Tagalog, singaw) that augments the load of my concerns. This has been here for like days already and it tops the list of my concerns now. I sooo love to talk but I can’t do it as much as I usually do because every time I try to do so, it HURTS (capital H-U-R-T-S). It hurts so badly that the agony traverse from the lips to my precious teeth. I have lost weight again because I can’t eat easily and I don’t enjoy the food. And if you are beauty conscious, you surely won’t love this because it leaves your lips dry. Plus, it causes you how many sleepless nights. Say hello to eye bags. Arrrgh!

I raised this problem to one of my friends. My huge gratitude goes out to her for she introduced me to something that would kill this little monster. So I thought that this amazing product deserves a write up. Everyone, meet my new friend, LO-AS Conquer Sore.

All you need is a little piece of cotton (you may also use cotton buds). Damp a pint-sized amount of Lo-as Conquer Sore and place it on the affected area. Let it stay there for at least 20 seconds and presto! You just have conquered your mouth sore. NOTE: It hurts a bit but the pain is bearable and all worth it.

Now, I got no worries anymore. I laugh, talk and eat as much as I want without fears of going through unbearable pain from mouth sore again. Thank you, Lo-as Conquer Sore!

To my enemy, Mr. Mouth Sore, you better be SORE-ry. LOL

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  1. Hope that it gets well soon Crush! :)

  2. It's well na crush. No pain anymore after using the Conquer Sore. The sugat is still there though.

  3. Oo nga tama, singaw can be an irritable enemy. Hope you recover! I'm following you on GFC! Follow back? =p

  4. Hey yne and Raisie!

    Thanks for visiting my blog site and for following. So sweet. Hope you can help me improve my blog (a newbie here). I followed yours na rin.

    Yuri Choi

  5. Whoa. It worked THAT fast? :o
    Thanks! At least now I know what I should get when I have a singaw again haha

    1. yeah, THAT fast! i applied once and the pain is gone right away. The scar will stay for days though but you will not feel any pain anymore.

  6. woah. i can imagine how painful it is. Its unbearable. I should get one in case I will have a sore.



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